Nature embraces both masculine and feminine, it echoes with these two expressions throughout all species including animal, mineral and vegetable. Of course through she is ultimately referred to as Mother Nature. It has been through nature that I have personally been able to discover, explore and heal my feminine aspects. Working with flowers, trees and plants is a never ending journey of discovery. This can be in many forms, meditatively, medicinally or ethereally.

I have had the great privilege of being in ceremony with Cacao, Mugwort, Tobacco, Chilly, Ginger and Yew. I have also journeyed and meditated with countless other trees and plants, exploring their gesture and wisdom.

As we are now finding through Forest Bathing Movement just being in nature is profoundly beneficial to the body and nervous system. So working consciously with their energy takes the experience and healing to another level.

When working as a Holistic Counsellor there are times when simply working and connecting with nature becomes part of the healing journey.

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