Since a small child I have been very aware of energy this includes people, places and situations, at times being able to see the colours and shapes associated with them.  This gift has ebbed and flowed over the years depending on my own life trajectory and well-being.  I have been aware of how energies can support and detract from the well-being and enjoyment of a space or person.  I am sure that it was this underlying awareness that partly brought me to do this work and a desire to create harmony for people and spaces for the benefit of all.

It was this awareness of space and land that drew me to my first career as a Town and Transport Planner.  However, after working for nearly 15 years in this profession I found I was becoming increasingly stressed and exhausted.  I was also increasingly aware of the imbalances that is being created in the environment because of the way we live on this beautiful planet.  This all lead me to undertake an intensive three day meditation in Glastonbury listening to the messages of Gaia.  It was a beautiful week-end set in the Chalice Well gardens.  It was the first time I journeyed shamanically with a drum.  The whole experience opened something profound within me and I received many visions over the next few days.  However, as I had no real training in receiving and integrating these visions they became too intense for me and threw me into my own healing crisis.  This in turn forced me to start to look at how I was living and my own energy needs and blockages.  So began my journey to become a Shamanic Practitioner, first as a client and then as an Apprentice, studying with my teacher Jan Hannant, for three years, who initiated me into the Black Hat Lineage.  One of the Feng Shui Schools.  This gave me a good grounding in energy techniques, core shamanism, geomancy and Taoist philosophies working with ancient texts such as the I Ching.  However, this was only the beginning and I went on to become a Reiki Master, Reiki Drummer (Reiki Drum), Crystal Therapist (The Crystal Healer), Bach Flower Practitioner (Neals Yard) and am currently studying my Ovate through or the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids.  One could argue they are a source of  shamanic practices and beliefs indigenous of these lands.

I still felt I was only scratching the surface and knew there was still deeper healing that was needed and found that the plants and the tree medicines were calling out to me to bring me still closer to nature.  Between 2017 and 2019 I worked with a number of plants and trees in trance and ceremony with them, these included, Mugwort, Cacao, Rose, Tobacco, Chillie and the Yew Tree.  Working with incredible teachers from the Amazon and the Yew Tree Shaman.  This experiential learning has brought me to a deeper place of understanding of myself and our connection to the natural world and how it holds in so many ways the keys to our learning and wellbeing; but only if we take the time, care and pay respect to listen to its gesture and messages.

In 2019 I attuned as a Moon Mother, which was a beautiful alignment with high vibrational feminine energies, through which Womb Healings and Womb Blessings can be performed.  This was a powerful attunement which has continued to support me in my Feminine healing path, offerings, Red Tent and circles.

Sadly, though, all of this was still not enough for me to be fully heal from within and I once again relapsed into a healing crisis in 2019 due to stresses in my work and personal life.  However, what this water shed time has revealed to me is that it is fine to follow these paths but to become a shaman in the traditional sense takes the support of a community around one and the necessary emersion in the ways.  For me there were still too many things that hampered my ability to live fully in ceremony and shamanise on a daily basis.  I found through counselling I actually got to address personal aspects from a very human perspective, something that had been lacking when working ‘spiritually’ with energy.   This motivated me to look into counselling as a profession and I was brought to study the Spiritual Counselling Diploma Course with the Holistic Healing College.  This offers a unique blend of more traditional counselling techniques with energetic interventions to enable healing break throughs which are held safely and are manageable for the person concerned.

Now I am offering a rich combination of Spiritual Counselling with the energetic insights from the Shamanic Practices I have practiced over 15 years, to bring greater clarity, connection and healing for the client.  My passion is to enable people to connect with their natural rhythms and authentic nature.  To heal and be the best version of themselves living in harmony with our beautiful Earth.

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