Connecting with the inner Goddess can be a beautiful, deep and profound journey into one’s innate soft power within. It can be a journey of self discovery, revealing aspects previously hidden or even feared. Often it can mean unravelling layers of misconception to get back to the pure heart centred living and emotional understanding we were all born with but some how got lost, confused and complicated as we grew up.

The Goddess Archetypes tap into an energy that is deeply rooted into the land of their origin. They provide grounded and wise counsel which can open up insight that goes beyond the immediate reactive response to situations. In their different ways they demonstrate the feminine energy in all her dynamic gestures; compassionate, passionate, cathartic, renewing, young, mothering and wise. It is also an energy that encourages transcendence through embodiment again meaning it is grounded and encourages us to look deep within and deal with the inner shadow and not short circuit this deeper personal work. All the while the Goddess Archetypal and nature based energy supports one through this work, guiding and strengthening the core energies that support transformation.

My own healing journey meant I had to get back in touch with the sacred feminine, in nature and within myself. Along the way I discovered particular healing ways that were particularly helpful to enabling this to unfold these included:

  • Becoming a Red Tent Initiator and Facilitator
  • Holding Sacred Goddess Workshops and Circles
  • Becoming a Moon Mother Level 2. Holding space for the Worldwide Womb Blessing Meditations. Carrying out Womb Blessings and Womb Healings for feminine energy balancing.
  • Working with trees and plants in a sacred conscious and meditative way.
Connecting with the Inner Goddess
Connecting with the Inner Goddess

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