The Red Tent is a Global Movement for Women, recapturing a space where they can simply be.  A space where they can once more listen to their rhythms and be.  Where they can meet with like hearted women and share women’s medicine.  This is an ancient way that has often been lost in our modern society, even though it was an extremely important part of maintaining good health and vitality for women and their communities.

I run a monthly Red Tent Circle in Central London and online as a Membership only gathering. It is a chance to join a group of growing and compassionate souls who gather together to explore, to recharge, to reflect and share – in a safer and nurturing environment, providing a time and space for personal centring.  Each gathering is seasonally and etherically themed, and usually involves some journeying or drumming.  We have been gathering and journeying for over seven years.

Each member will be encourage to attend a Red Tent Activation Ceremony, when they feel called to do so.



This RED TENT ACTIVATION CEREMONY is profoundly powerful at reconnecting with your own Woman Within, understanding and listening to her own rhythms.  When we understand, honour and live with our own natural rhythms is has a profound effect on our levels of intuition, confidence and ability to live to our highest potential.

This one day Ceremony will help you heal and embrace your inner Woman.  Develop private practices to help sustain a better way of listening and honouring your natural rhythms.  If you wish you can go on and facilitate Red Tent Groups in your own area.


The Ceremony is led by me working as a Shamanic Reiki Healer and Certified Red Tent Activator.  Who was trained and initiated in the Red Tent Activation by D’Anna L’am in 2016 as part of the London Red Tent Activation.  My reflections on that experience are; “I found it a profoundly healing process, which gently yet profoundly healing, clearing away layers of latent pain which did not just touch on me as woman but also my matriarchal lineage.  Since I have felt more grounded, present and able to express myself in a constructive way.  D’Anna L’am is an incredible inspiration and loving healer, I was blessed to be initiated by her.”

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