Working with the Land: At times the places we live or work can feel draining or stuck. Part of my work is to provide a supportive environment for the healing of individuals. As a result my work has taken me into working with spaces using traditional space clearing, Feng Shui and geomancy techniques to clear old energies and restore balance and vitality.

Working with Ceremony: Ceremony is ancient and has been a part of human existence probably as long as we have had speech.  Ceremony can be big or small, the difference between Sacred Ceremony and Ceremony is intention, integrity and what it means for the person or people involved.  Ceremonies generally occur to mark a key stage in life; birth, marriage, graduation or death.  There are many other times which make key stages in our lives, e.g. moving house, new job, new mental attitude, closure of a period in our life. My experience is that Ceremony creates a holding vessel in which much can be expressed, explored and released. It has a start, a middle and an end, which enables a transitioning through the process and back into normal everyday life which can facilitate profound shift in energy and approach.

Working in Ceremony or on the land is priced on an individual basis and requires prior consultation. Please message via the Contact Us page for more information.

Readings Since a young child I have been reading cards and have been fascinated by Tarot and more recently finally started to read for people professionally. I truly hold that readings of this nature can help to reveal the energies that are at play at anyone time, however, they are about what is at play at that time and should be held in that spirit. They are a guide as to what may unfold or is at play and should never be taken as gospel. If you would like a confidential reading for an hour this can be arranged over zoom with an energy exchange of £45.

Time with the Deer Drum is never wasted
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