In much of the work I do, I use traditional tools such as a rattle, drum or incense, these have been used for millennia to enable energy to shift, transform and facilitate healing. The use of these go back to Shamanic traditions. Below is a little more on what this is about.

I also mix incense, make drum beaters, medicine pouches and skin rattles on request. Materials are gathered with care and skins are treated with ceremony to enable healing of the animal spirit prior to making of the tools.

What is Shamanism?

The term Shamanism originates from eastern Siberia and is associated with ancient methods of accessing and connecting with the subconscious, energetic and spirit worlds.  It is the oldest form of Healing known to man and underpins many healing and medicinal practices today.

Shamanism is a philosophy and a way of being, a spiritual practice.  It is not a religion. Below are outlined just some of the healing modalities more commonly associated with Core Shamanism.  They are only outlines, as there are vast areas of research and literature on each one of these alone.  If any of them interest you or ring a chord, feel free to drop us a line and I will be happy to help where I can.


Journeying is central to core shamanism.  It enables the Shaman or participant to go into an altered state of conciousness, allowing connection with the sub-conscious, energy or spirit worlds.  It is undertaken in dimmed light, either sitting or lying down, preferably on the floor.  Access and return to a Shamanic Journey has a set path, however this path can and does vary between individuals and Shaman, and journeying is undertaken with a “guide” or “power animal”.  A drum is used, and plays a specific beat which has been shown to effect brain waves thus enabling the individual to enter into a “trance state”.  Journeying should always be undertaken either by an experienced practitioner or under the direction of a trained practitioner.

Power Retreival

Power or soul power can be lost through trauma, illness, shock or stress.  Often we use phrases at or after these times such as; “I don’t feel myself…”, “they seem only half of who they used to be…”, “I was beside myself….”, “they are a shadow of their former self….”.  These sayings don’t come about by accident, they are indications that an energy shift has occurred due to some emotional or physical event.  Shamanic Counselling and Journeying can facilitate the restoration of this lost energy, often bringing with it insightful learning for the person experiencing the healing.

Space Clearing and Healing

Places just as people end up with imprints of what has taken place within them.  As we all know some places have great vibes and some don’t, this is not entirely to do with the state of the paint work.  The term “Spirit of Place” if often used in architectural, design or urban planning forums.  If you are not convinced that bricks, stone or mortar can hold the vibration of what has gone on, rather than repeating lots of research here, look into research around Stone Circles, early computer chips and role quartz crystals have played in the formation of the technological age.  There is also some interesting research out there on sound waves and their effect on water, stone and living plants.

The earth is a magnetic planet this sets up a natural energy flow through all places which can for different reasons become distorted or blocked.  For more information look up sick building syndrome, Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Smog.

For those who don’t feel they need further research into this and know the place they either live in or are working in, is in some ways draining, stuck, hard to be in or simply not supportive  it could be it needs Space Clearing.  The process works on an energetic level to clear the old energy, heal areas which have become blocked and identify how the space can be supported in the future to remain healthy.

Energy Tracking

The physicist enjoy telling us, how our world and us are all molucules that are vibrating at different speeds or vibrations.  The mystics of old knew and saw this, they just didn’t have the maths to prove it or baffle everyone with at the time.  When vibrations become blocked or unable to vibrate at their optimum, this is where difficulties or illness can occur.  Energy Tracking helps to get to the root of an issue or problem by working one’s way back through the “cause and effect” that has resulted in disease of some kind.  Systems such as the Chinese Five Elements can help to unlock this process, allowing identification of where an imbalance is occurring either physically, mentally or emotionally.  As well as going on to providing insight into what may restore that balance.

Sacred Ceremony

Ceremony is ancient and has been a part of human existence probably as long as we have had speech.  Ceremony can be big or small, the difference between Sacred Ceremony and Ceremony is intention, integrity and what it means for the person or people involved. Ceremonies generally occur to mark a key stage in life; birth, marriage, graduation or death. There are many other times which make key stages in our lives, e.g. moving house, new job, new mental attitude, closure of a period in our life.

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