Reiki for stress and anxiety

What is Reiki and Reiki Drumming?

Reiki for stress and anxiety has been found by individuals to be profoundly healing, and evidence is emerging, from research trials in 2008 as to it’s beneficial effects both on the body and on the overall sense of well being, particularly with regards pain, anxiety and depression.  Sessions again are undertaken fully clothed and can be combined with the Crystal Healing or carried out on its own.

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a high vibration form of Energy Healing, developed in Japan by Mikao Usui and is now considered to be a technique commonly called palm healing or hands-on-healing as a form of alternative medicine.  Rei ki actually means universal energy and it is this high vibrational energy you are receiving to enable the healing.

An hours Reiki Session can be carried out remotely at an investment of £50. If in person the price may rise depending on location and travel involved.

What is Reiki Drumming?

Drums have been used in sound medicine for a very long time and is a traditional tool of the Shaman, shifting, transmuting energy and for journeying.  Reiki Drumming brings this ancient medicine together with the beautiful energy of Reiki, empowering the drumming with the Reiki energy and enabling the client to either simply receive the sound and energy healing or take part in a journey safely held by the Reiki Energy.

Therapies are undertaken fully clothed often lying down, but they can be done sitting up, if the client would rather sit.

Reiki Drumming has been found helpful to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase focus and presence.  Some have also found it helpful in cases of autism and dementia.

This is sometimes but not exclusively carried out within a Counselling consultation and is charged at a basic counselling rate of £60 per hour. If meeting in person and depending on location the charge may go up, but this will be discussed and agreed prior to the booking.

Reiki Attunements and Reiju Empowerments 

In August 2017, I completed my Reiki Master and Teacher Training, so it is with great pleasure I am able to offer instruction and attunement for others into this beautiful healing modality.  My training included both Western Attunements and the traditional (closer to those practiced by Mikao Usui) Reiju Empowerments. In the trainings I offer both so the client may be experience and learn both practices.

By receiving this instruction and the Reiki Energy it enables you to empower your own practice and healing, whether you wish to become a practitioner in time or simply for your own healing and spiritual development.  Personally I have found the Reiki Practice, supportive, gentle and yet powerful and incredibly healing.  My experience is that it blends and supports any other form of Energy Healing work or modalities.

If you are interested in Attuning or receiving the Empowerments, or learning more about the benefits of Reiki for stress and anxiety, please contact us through our Contact Us page.

For more information on the science discoveries around Reiki click the link below:

How Reiki Works – The Science Bit

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