Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling can help to relieve confusion, stress, reactions to trauma and shift unhelpful behavioural patters. It is a confidential space to do personal work that goes beyond normal counselling. Using a variety of conventional counselling skills, it is person centred work with energetic interventions. These may include:

There is more to the holistic counselling package:

and many more interventions.

If you are attending more than one session a reading may be carried out using either Soul Plan, Astrology or 9 Star Ki. Each of these provide a deeper understanding to your own personal energy and gesture and why energy is moving in your life in certain ways. Most sessions are conducted on line, however an in person session can be arranged where necessary.

Basic Charge for an hours one to one £60

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We will arrange your session at a convenient time, once payment has been made

If you would like to discuss the holistic counselling packages before committing, then please do feel free to Book a Discovery Call

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