Are you feeling stuck, confused or stressed or going through your own spiritual awakening process? If any of these ring a bell with you this therapy may be of help to you.

Holistic Counselling is a combination of conventional counselling methods, such as person centred, active listening and life coaching skills, together with energetic healing interventions, such as Reiki, meditation, mindfulness, parts work, visualization, crystals and many more.

Sessions are held in a reflective, confidential space which provides an environment that can enable clarity to flow from the confusion and the release of tension. The use and practice of techniques such as meditation, breath and EFT all go to supporting the development of more supportive behavioural techniques. This has been known to help with anxiety, stress and grounding all essential when going through significant changes in life or a spiritual awakening of some kind.

Why the Blue Rose?

The blue rose came to me one night in a dream and to me symbolises the loving truth that a rose invokes. It embraces gentleness that is harmonically attuned to the heart and its thorns that are the protector of this gentle energy. The blue rose has many symbolic meanings associated with spirit, seeker of truth and love. As the blue rose does not exist naturally it brings into focus the need for integrity, honesty and compassion. All traits which I believe to be totally important to be present when on a personal journey of discovery or healing towards the authentic self.

Along side the Holistic Counselling Services there is a special space created and reserved for those wishing to strengthen their connection with their Divine Feminine through the work I do as a Red Tent Initiator and Moon Mother Level 1. Offering a sacred space for women, for Goddess work, and womb blessings.

To have a chat about which of my srvices may be best for you, please do feel free to Book a Discovery Call

Recently I gave an online interview to Mystic Mag about how I came to do this work and how I work. Please follow the link for the full article.

“I came to energy work in my mid to late 30’s and have spent the last 14 years building up knowledge and experience in energy and therapeutic practices that support the mind, body and personal environment. It has not always been a smooth or easy path, but it has always been one of growth and love.”

Many blessings


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